Sunset -- GNP, MT

2012-06-24-_Going to the Sun_077.dng

Logan Pass and Going to the Sun highway opened last week so I thought I would make a quick trip across to see what the conditions were like. Still a lot of snow up top. I came up the west side where it was clear with clouds hanging over the interior of the park I thought that there might one of those classic sunsets from the Wild Goose Island overlook. It was spectacular although it did not light up quite like I hoped but still worthwhile!

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  • Camera Info/Settings:
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  • Canon 5D Mark II    
  • Canon 16-35mm 1:2.8 L II @ 21mm
  • 1/10-second exposure @ F10
  • Singh-Ray soft .9 ND graduated filter
  • Cokin Z-Pro filter holder with Cokin 82mm adapter ring
  • ISO 100
  • Medium Gitzo tripod.. 
  • Single RAW file processed with Lightroom 4
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