Steptoe Butte Morning

 mce_href=Steptoe Butte MorningThanks to Aaron Reed & Zeb Andrews for a great weekend in the Palouse. After seeing Zeb's comp from that morning on Steptoe I thought I would share one of mine from the same hillside. It was rather windy that morning as this four second image shows, if you look a little closer in the lower left. Nonetheless I like it as it represents the mood at the start of great day.


Camera Info/Settings:

Canon 5D Mark II    
Canon 70-200mm 1:2.8 L IS @ 80mm
4 second exposure @ F22
LEE soft ND grad 0.9
Singh-Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer
ISO 50
Medium Gitzo tripod..
Adobe DNG Converter - 15 to 25% smaller files average.
RAW file processed with Lightroom 3
NIK Color Effects Pro_Tonal Contrast_Darken/Lighten Center