Lake McDonald Sunset -- Glacier National Park -- 02-28-2010

HDR of Lake McDonald looking towards the Garden Wall (center). Beutiful, warm evening with tempurtures in the low 40's. Seems like most other parts of the country are getting record snowfall/cold tempurtures, whereas we are averageing 40 to 50% of our normal precip this year. Sure hope we get the rains this spring and summer when we need them

Camera Info/Settings:

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-105m 1:4 L IS @ 24mm
3 Exposures Aperture Priority 1/8 - 1/15 - 1/60 second @F8
No polarizer..
ISO 50
Medium Gitzo tripod..
RAW file processed with Aperture 3.0
TIFF file processed with Photoshop
Nik Software Filters Used -- Color Effects Pro, Tonal Contrast & Darken/Lighten Center