This location is 10 miles east of my home, most mornings I will not stop here to do any photography as the East Slope of the Rocky Mountains are notoriously famous for being windy. When I say windy I have literally been blown off the road by winds that have exceeded 100mph. So it is very rare to have a calm day such as this. I took quite a few shots this morning with most having just a slight ripple on the water, just enough to ruin the reflection. If you are patient and lucky you will get that one perfect reflection. This location is on the north side of the current railroad tracks and is looking into Glacier National Park. There is an old abandoned Great Northern railroad line back in the distance that cannot be seen from this point. It is great place to walk and view the wildlife, which include lots of elk and moose and I have also seen bear, both Grizzly and Black.

This should be a metaphor for life!

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