Lake McDonald Lodge — GNP

Source: Wikipedia
Lake McDonald Lodge is a historic lodge located within Glacier National Park, on the southeast shore of Lake McDonald. The lodge is a three and a half story structure built in a Swiss chalet style based on Kirtland Cutter’s design. The foundation and first floor walls are built of stone, with a wood frame superstructure. The lobby is a large, open space that extends to the third story. It has a massive fireplace and a concrete floor scored in a flagstone pattern, with messages in several Indian languages inscribed into it.

The lodge was built in 1913 by John Lewis, a land speculator from Columbia Falls, Montana. He bought the land and had the hotel built during a period when the Great Northern Railway was building other hotels and backcountry chalets, including Many Glacier Hotel, Granite Park Chalet, Sperry Chalet, and Two Medicine Store. This movement was part of a trend by railroads during that time to build destination resorts in areas of exceptional scenic value. Railroads wanted to attract tourists and create resorts that were equal to the scenery, and private operators like John Lewis had to build equally impressive facilities in order to keep up.

In 1930, the Great Northern Railway acquired the hotel through its subsidiary, the Glacier Park Hotel Company. Today, the lodge maintains its historic character. The hotel also includes a number of small cottages located nearby, as well as a motor inn. The main lodge was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

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